Gospel of Mark

Many of the times when Jesus performs a miracle, especially when no one else is around, he tells the person not to tell about his deeds. For example, when he heals the deaf man in chapter 7. He healed the man and then “…ordered them not to tell anyone”( Mark 7:36)
One of the more obvious reasons why Jesus wants to keep his identity a secret is to avoid the publicity. He never wants to travel in crowds or attract attention to himself. He is humble in a sense. He does not brag about being the Messiah in words. I think that it may also take some sort of toll on him doing all these miracles. It has to be hard work. More importantly though it shows an important aspect of God; that he is forgiving. When Jesus performs a miracle he tells them not to spread word of him. It is almost in reverse psychology that the people go and tell the whole town. They do what they he tell them not to. Does he punish him though; no. He forgives the people and continues preforming miracles and spreading the word of God. Similarly, although God has punished the Jews at times throughout history he has continuously watched out for them.


3 thoughts on “Gospel of Mark

  1. While Jesus very often instructs people to keep his miraculous cures a secret, as you note, he is not perfectly consistent. There are some cases where Jesus heals people WITHOUT telling them not to tell anyone. For example, Jesus heals a paralytic, a Gerasene demoniac, and a hemorrhaged woman without making any requests of this kind (Mark 2:11-12, 5:13, 5:29). In some ways, this only seems to add to the puzzle of this “messianic secret.” You might be onto something in that these miracles are experienced or witnessed by large groups of people and thus provide the opportunity for many people to be brought to faith in Jesus by witnessing a miracle (as opposed to experiencing a one-on-one miracle with Jesus, where Jesus often DOES instruct people not to spread the news). Whatever the reason, I think you’re onto something with pointing out the importance of faith and forgiveness in the process!

  2. I think what you brought up about Jesus’ humility is a great point. Jesus is not performing miracles for the sake of proving himself or showing off his power, but to truly help people of faith. By asking some of his followers to keep his secret, he may be trying to stop others from thinking his is boastful.

  3. Nice job pointing out humbleness as one of Jesus’ characteristics. I agree that Jesus did not want fame as a result of these deeds but believe, rather, that He wanted to make known the importance of having faith in the kingdom of God.

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