Pro Arius. Strengths of His Argument

During the third and fourth centuries the Church was at debate over the exact relationship between the Father and the Son. One of the theological ideologies at the forefront of the debate was that of Arius, a priest in Alexandria. He used a richly buttressed philosophical approach to untangle the mystery of who Christ is. In short, Arius espoused that Jesus was not fully divine, but rather a creature created by God, as were all beings on Earth. One of the critical aspects of Arius’ argument distinguishing between God and Jesus is that God existed before all and created all. Arius argues how the Father, “exists unbegun” and that the Son “existed at the paternal will”. In this logical argument, Arius draws the reader’s attention to how God has existed eternally, since before the beginning. Jesus he argues however only came into existence as flesh millennia after the Father. The Father was the creator, and created the Son at his own will as an example of humans to live by. IN his response to Alexander, Arius emphasizes that there is, “one God, the only begotten, only eternal, only without beginning, only true, who only has immortality, only wise, only good, the only potentate”. Arius’ use of parallel syntax creates huge emphasis on the fact that God is the only divine, God is singular. Even better, Arius states that he, as a priest, has learned this through the Church that Alexander is in charge of, thus discrediting Alexander himself. Thirdly, Arius believed that Jesus could not be considered divine because Jesus, “moved in the realm of the changeable world”. In this world Jesus changed. On the very basic level, he grew up and matured from a young boy into a man. By definition, the divine was incapable of changing.
Arius is not saying that Jesus was not an important figure in Christianity. That is not his point at all. He just believes that God is the singular divinity and that Jesus was the perfect being created by God as a demonstration for all people to live by. Arius uses a superior skill of logical debate in his argument that cannot be disputed.


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