Of God and Men

When the quote in the prompt is said, the head monk says that if they die, they are doing it out of love. Love for all people and love for God. When they decided to stay, it reminded me of Polycarp originally choosing no to flee his house. All of the monk’s ad reason to stay based on their personal experiences. Although some waivered early on, they eventually found solace with God and were enveloped in his affection. Luc, the doctor, was a focused on healing the people of the village, especially the children. Therefore, he wished to stay. Another monk, believed that fleeing would do no good. Christian, the head monk believed that “wildflowers do not move to catch the sun rays”, so they should not flee to be blessed with the grace of God. As the monk’s death rushes upon them, and they share their last meal together in the monastery, they are scared, and sad, as any human would be. They also find comfort in God’s presence, and, for the most part, face their death bravely. I do not know if I would have been able to make the same decision as the monks, staying in the monastery, and thus dying. I do think that it was the right decision for them to make however, being brothers of God committed to their missionary.  I believe that their staying did have a large affect. Their decision demonstrated to the people what it means to be brave and truly follow what you believe in. This was imperative, as the town leader mentioned earlier in the movie that the village grew up around the monastery.


2 thoughts on “Of God and Men

  1. I definitely agree with your insights in this post. The monks showed true bravery and selfless love in their decision to stay. The movie showed the journey the men had to take to reach this decision and in that journey, God’s power and grace clearly shone through. I really like your comparison to Polycarp’s decision to stay, especially with the martyr references present in the movie.

  2. I like how you related this film to Polycarp’s story. You pointed out how the monks were both sad and comforted during their last meal together. This was a very big turning point in the film and really stressed the difficulty of their decision.

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